Session 03: Find the Common Threads - Feb 5 & 6

Session 03: Find the Common Threads - Feb 5 & 6



Additional Video Resources: 

  • Stakeholder Analysis (5 mins) and Decision Making Space (4 mins), video with Joy Lujan

  • Collaborative Conservation - IAP2 Spectrum of Community Engagement, (11 mins), video with Wylie Carr

  • Situation Assessments, (20 mins), video with Laura Van Riper

  • Persuasion with Liz Madison, 22 mins; podcast available

  • The Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan, San Antonio, Texas, (14 mins). The Edwards Aquifer provides water to over 2 million people, and covers more than 8,000 square miles across eight counties. It also provides necessary springflow for endangered species habitat, as well as recreational purposes and downstream uses in the Guadalupe, Nueces and San Antonio river basins. The Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP) defines how federally listed species that live in the Edwards Aquifer and the Comal and San Marcos springs are protected.

  • Measuring the Health of Mount Tam, Marin County, California (5 mins). Despite its protected status, Mt. Tam is threatened by the demands of a growing population, shrinking budgets, and looming environmental challenges such as invasive species, forest diseases, and climate change. The One Tam collaborative brings stakeholders together to address these challenges.


Optional Homework: 

Community Collaboration - Stakeholder Analysis

  1. REVIEW: Collaboration: Stakeholder Analysis, 5 mins and Decision Space 4 mins. with Joy Lujan
  2. COMPLETE: Community Collaboration Stakeholder Analysis (DOC) (PDF). Related to your current work with partners and/or stakeholders, download and complete this exercise.
  3. SHARE: Your Stakeholder Snapshot with an agency colleague and discuss how at least one partner/stakeholder frames the decision-making space of this partnership and/or community collaboration.
  4. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback form at the Study Hall Page

Improve Your Persuasion Strategy

  1. REVIEW:  Persuasion Insights presentation ( PDF )
  2. EXERCISE: Complete the mapping exercise How might you improve your persuasion strategy (DOC).
  3. APPLY: Test your strategy on a member of your target audience and then reflect on the effectiveness of your new strategy.
  4. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback form at the Study Hall Page


Additional Resources:



  • Liz Madison 
  • Anne Desmarais



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