Session 02: Belay On - January 29 & 30

Session 02: Belay On - January 29 & 30


Alpha GroupSteve Guertin, Deputy Director for Policy, USFWS and Richard Minnis, PhD, Chief, Branch of Applied Landscape Conservation Policy, National Conservation Training Center, USFWS

Beta Group: Leanne Veldhuis, Acting Deputy Director, National Partnership Office, USDA FS

Gamma GroupRebecca Stanfield McCown, PhD, Director, Stewardship Institute, NPS

Delta GroupTrevor Needham, National Partnerships Program Lead, Division of Education, Interpretation and Partnerships, BLM




Optional Activities and Resource to Explore:


  • 7 Faces of Partnership: Mapping Exercise



  • Liz Madison
  • Anne Desmarais
  • CoHost Agency Guest Speakers


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