Managing by Network 2018 Course NotebookManaging by Network

2018 Course Notebook


Congratulations to the class of 2018!

You can access all the course materials, including instructor presentations, links to videos, and additional resources on this page. These materials will be available until June of 2019.

Optional Homework assignments from the 2018 Study Hall page have been added into each session's archive. Download all the assignments here.

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Course Notebook Materials listed with this arrow icon are recommended for self-study when you miss a webinar.

MBN 2018 Course Notebook

  • Session 15: Adapting to Change, May 23 & 24 Session 15: Adapting to Change, May 23 & 24

    Presentations: Entrepreneurship and Risk Assessment Discussion.pdf   Video Assignments: Entrepreneurship and Partnerships with Liz Madison, 18 mins; podcast available   Optional Homework: DOWNLOAD: Risk Assessment Template (DOC) (PDF).  APPLY: For one of your...

  • Session 16: Community Connections, June 6 & 7 Session 16: Community Connections, June 6 & 7

    Presentations: Seven Faces of Philanthropy and Partnerships.pdf  Working with Foundations: Notes from Class Discussion (PDF) Our Mister Stack.pdf    Video Assignments: Seven Faces of Philanthropy and Partnerships (CC) with Liz Madison, 16 mins Philanthropic...

  • Session 17: Commencement, June 13 & 14 Session 17: Commencement, June 13 & 14

    Peer to Peer Presentations For Self-Study, please review the case study of your choice. ALPHA: Todd Jones-Farrand, USFWS, LCC Science Coordinator, MO. "The Rise and Fall of a Landscape Conservation Cooperative: Lesson for Large-Scale Collaborative Efforts" BETA: Kevin Wright, Marin...

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MBN Course Objectives

  • Applying knowledge and skills learned in this course, participants will be able to:

    1. create or strengthen an internal and external network of individuals and organizations to advance the mission of the agency;
    2. build trust with external partners using collaborative leadership, partnership leverage, and partner cultural awareness;
    3. sustain partnership accountability using external awareness and communication skills including collaboration, conflict management, facilitation, persuasion, and negotiation;
    4. develop, monitor, and evaluate formal partnership agreements and projects that rely on a mix of federal and nonfederal funding, and
    5. recognize the intent of agency policies and practices related to partner fundraising and donation activities. 

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2018 Schedule

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2018 MBN Roster

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2018 Case Studies

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