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2018 Course Notebook


Welcome to Managing by Network!

Course materials posted here will help you dig deeper as you apply your knowledge and skills.

Find the roster of participants, instructor presentations, links to videos, and additional resources here.

Each week, we will update the materials for "Coming Up" and "On the Horizon." Materials from the previous week's session will be archived at the bottom of the page. 

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Coming up:

Session 6: February 28 or March 1 - Cast a Wide Net

IInstructors: Liz Madison, Peter Williams, PhD, Anne Desmarais, Kevin Connally, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Washington Fish and Wildlife Office, Conservation and Habitat Planning, USFWS, and video instructor Matt Birnbaum, PhD 

Pre-Webinar Assignments:


On the Horizon:

Week of March 5: Study Hall 2

Study Hall work is optional and designed to help apply the materials learned in class. During this week you may:

  1. Attend office hours: chat with an instructor and other classmates, 2-3 pm ET Thurs March 8. 
  2. Complete self-study: catch up or delve deeper on instructional material
  3. Network: reach out to a classmate or instructor by email, phone, Facebook or in person.
  4. Explore homework: self-assessments and exercises to enrich your learning.
  5. Apply what you learned on the job.

Case Study Program

Want to share a partnership story through our case study program? Here are your next steps:

Case Study signups are open through Feb 28.

Course Notebook Materials listed with this arrow icon are recommended for self-study when you miss a webinar.

MBN 2018 Course Notebook

  • Session 05: Find the Common Threads, February 21 and 22 Session 05: Find the Common Threads, February 21 and 22

    Video Assignment: Partner Cultural Awareness (CC) with Liz Madison, 9 mins; podcast available   Presentations: Assess Your Partner Cultural Awareness 2018.pdf Active Listening.pdf Partnership Assessment.pdf   Assessment tools: Collaboration Factors Inventory, Wilder...

  • Session 04: Hand, Head and Heart - February 14 and 15 Session 04: Hand, Head and Heart - February 14 and 15

    Presentations: PRA overview_2018.pdf Urban Myths and the Paperwork Reduction Act and FAQ Think Like a Social Scientist.pdf Collaborative Leadership Strategies 2018.pdf Deeper Dive: Tools of Engagement Toolkit (PDF) and The Conservation Social Sciences: What? How? and...

  • Session 03: See the Possibilities, January 31 and February 1 Session 03: See the Possibilities, January 31 and February 1

    Presentations: Leveraging Partnerships Discussion.pdf Active Listening.pdf   Video Presentations: Leveraging Partnerships with Liz Madison, 6 mins, podcast available   Peer to Peer Presentations: Alumni Case Studies ALPHA: Dave Cunningham, USFS, Partnership Specialist,...

  • Session 02: Belay On, January 24 and 25 Session 02: Belay On, January 24 and 25

    Presentations:  21 Partnership Success Factors Brian ONeill.pdf 21 Partnership Success Factors_Take A Hike.pdf 21 Partnership Success Factors_Gap Assessment Exercise.pdf 22 Partnership and Community Collaboration Competencies.pdf Accountability 4 Attributes.pdf NCTC Leadership...

  • Session 01: Orientation, January 17 and 18 Session 01: Orientation, January 17 and 18

    Presentations:   Academy Introduction and Rules of Engagement (PDF) Virtual Campus Tour (PDF) What is Managing by Network? (PDF) MBN Course Overview (PDF) 22 Partnership and Community Collaboration Competencies   Video Assignments: What is Managing by...

  • Session 00: Tech Test (Optional), January 11 and 12 Session 00: Tech Test (Optional), January 11 and 12

    Presentations: Managing by Network - How to Join a Webinar.pdf Additional Resources: Download the WebEx Mobile app (for tablets and mobile devices) Academy Classroom Hosts: Anne Desmarais Jane Hanson  

Do you have a schedule conflict?

If you know you will miss a webinar, please email us:

Here are some ways you can catch up:

• Review session materials posted here: pre-webinar videos, presentations, activities or resources; you can receive credit for self-study work.
• Invite a colleague to sit in for you, and debrief later; and
• Follow up with a peer in the class, or with the instructors, if you have questions or would like to discuss what we covered in class.

Please note that we do not record Managing by Network webinars in order to encourage everyone to speak freely about their work in partnership, without concern about their comments being taken out of context.

MBN Course Objectives

  • Applying knowledge and skills learned in this course, participants will be able to:

    1. create or strengthen an internal and external network of individuals and organizations to advance the mission of the agency;
    2. build trust with external partners using collaborative leadership, partnership leverage, and partner cultural awareness;
    3. sustain partnership accountability using external awareness and communication skills including collaboration, conflict management, facilitation, persuasion, and negotiation;
    4. develop, monitor, and evaluate formal partnership agreements and projects that rely on a mix of federal and nonfederal funding, and
    5. recognize the intent of agency policies and practices related to partner fundraising and donation activities. 

MBN 2018 Course Schedule

2018 Schedule

 2018 MBN Roster 

2018 MBN Roster

As of 1.24.2018

Study Hall

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The classroom opens 20 minutes before the start of class. Managing by Network will begin promptly at the top of the hour. 

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