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Study Hall 2020


Study Hall work is optional and designed to help apply the materials learned in class. 

You may do Study Hall work at any time throughout the course, including during Study Hall weeks:
  • Study Hall 1: week of Feb 17 
  • Study Hall 2: week of Mar 23
  • Study Hall 3: week of Apr 27
  • Study Hall 4: June 6-20, following the last session

Study Hall options:

1. Attend office hours: network with classmates and explore topics of interest to you. Study Hall 1 will have special office hours; other Study Hall office hours are 2-3pm ET on the Thursday of that week. RSVP and more information below.

2. Complete self study: catch up on missed sessions, or delve deeper on instructional material. Use the Self-Study form below to let us know what you've completed.

3. Explore homework: using self-assessments and workbook exercises, apply what you have learned. 

4. Apply what you learned on the job. Study hall work is optional.

Special Office Hours in 2020

During Study Hall 1, we will host a special series of agency-specific webinars where MbN participants can get to know each other, and dialogue with agency coordinators. Note that all times are listed in Eastern Time Zone.

Weds Feb 19:

  • USDA FS: 11am-12pm ET (“Alpha”)
  • NOAA, state, county and nonprofit participants: 12:30-1:30pm ET (“Chi”)
  • USFWS: 2-3pm ET (“Beta”)

Thurs Feb 20:

  • BLM: 11am-12pm ET (“Gamma”)
  • NPS: 2-3pm ET (“Delta”)

Fri Feb 21

  • USACE: 1-2pm ET (“Epsilon”)


1. Office Hours RSVP Form

You may submit this form at any time, or multiple times, to let us know which sessions you plan to attend.

2. Self Study: Check In Here

Did you catch up on a session you missed? Let us know here. You can submit this form any time you get caught up.

3. Homework

  • Instructions for Homework

    We recommend that you complete homework at any time after the topic is presented in class.

    1. Select the workbook exercise(s) that is/are of interest to you. 
    2. Complete the assignment.
    3. Share your takeaways in the Homework Feedback Form located below on this Study Hall page. 
  • Session 1: Strengthen Active Listening Skills

    1. READ  Active Listening Practices (PDF) – Review the practices of active listening and familiarize yourself with the ADORES mnemonic.
    2. EXERCISE  Active Listening Self Assess ment ( PPT ) (PDF) – Download and complete this self-assessment and instructions for field testing your practices.
    3. APPLY Field test your active listening practices. 
    4. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment in the Homework Feedback form.
  • Session 1: Accountability Toolkit – Surf the Competencies

    1. DOWNLOAD 22 Partnership and Community Collaboration Competencies (PDF) and select 2 competencies that you would like to strengthen.
    2. FIND these 2 competencies on the Leadership Competencies Development Model (at your grade level) and review distinguishing behavior or practices.
    3. APPLY Take note of at least 2 new practices associated with these skills that you will commit to practicing in the next few weeks.
    4. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment in the Homework Feedback form.
  • Session 2: 7 Faces of Partnership: Mapping Exercise

    1. DOWNLOAD the 7 Faces of Partnership Mapping Exercise (  PPT  ) ( PDF )
    2. APPLY: Review the 7 Faces of partner motivation, involvement and recognition (slides 1-4). Fill our page 5 using the PPT, fillable PDF or a printed copy.
    3. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback Form below.
  • Session 3: Community Collaboration: Stakeholder Analysis

    1. REVIEW: Collaboration: Stakeholder Analysis, 5 mins and Decision Space 4 mins. with Joy Lujan
    2. COMPLETE: Community Collaboration Stakeholder Analysis (DOC) (PDF). Related to your current work with partners and/or stakeholders, download and complete this exercise.
    3. SHARE: Your Stakeholder Snapshot with an agency colleague and discuss how at least one partner/stakeholder frames the decision-making space of this partnership and/or community collaboration.
    4. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback form below
  • Session 3: Improve your Persuasion Strategy

    1. REVIEW:  Persuasion Insights presentation (PDF)
    2. EXERCISE: Complete the mapping exercise  How might you improve your persuasion strategy.docx .
    3. APPLY: Test your strategy on a member of your target audience and then reflect on the effectiveness of your new strategy.
    4. SHARE your takeaways in the Homework Feedback form below.
  • Session 4: Political Savvy: Adaptive Leadership Strategies

    1. THINK of a change facing your organization. 
    2. DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE the worksheet: Adaptive Leadership Strategies for Acting Politically (  DOC  ) ( PDF )
    3. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment in the Homework Feedback form.
  • Session 4: Partnership Ethics Fact Patterns: Pop Quiz

    1. DOWNLOAD: Partnership Ethics Fact Pattern Pop Quiz (DOC) (PDF)
    2. APPLY: Consider the scenarios and note down your thoughts about what ethical rules may apply.
    3. CHECK your responses against the Answer Key (DOC) (PDF)
    4. SHARE your key takeaways in the Homework Feedback Form.
  • Session 5: Partner Cultural Awareness

    1. DOWNLOAD and complete the Partner Cultural Awareness Exercise (PDF). Map out your own organizational culture and reflect on your own and other's cultural perspectives.
    2. SHARE your takeaways in the form below. 
  • Session 6: Partnership Assessment Tools

    1. REVIEW one of these tools:
    2. COMPLETE or EXPLORE one of the tools, for one of the partnerships you work on. Reflect on: What is going well? What could be better? How or when might you use this kind of assessment tool with your partners?
    3. SHARE your takeaways from the assignment in the Homework Feedback form below.
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3. Homework Feedback

Did you complete a homework exercise? Share your thoughts and takeaways with us here. You may submit this form any time that you complete homework.

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