MBN 2020 Course Notebook

The Course Notebook is designed to provide support as you apply knowledge and skills gained in class.

Coming Up:

Session 16: Community Connections - May 27 & 28

Pre-Webinar Assignment:


Homework and Deeper Dive Resources:

  • Session 16 Homework:
    • 21 Partnership Success Factors Gap Assessment
    • Corporate Partners: Who's In Your Neighborhood?

Instructors: Liz Madison and Anne Desmarais

Instructors: Liz Madison and Natalie Sexton, Chief, Human Dimensions Branch, USFWS

Coming Up:

Session 17: Commencement! - June 3 & 4

  • Peer to Peer Case Studies
  • Gathering In
  • Graduation

Instructors: Liz Madison, Anne Desmarais, and Jane Hanson


MbN Session Recordings:

Starting with Session 9, we are posting recordings of webinars along with other materials in the archive below. Feel free to either review session presentations (PDFs) and/or view the recording (MP4) for self-study.

The review of live webinar recordings is exclusive to 2020 MBN registered course participants, instructional team members, and MBN Federal Coordinators. Passwords for these webinars may not be shared.

Instructions for viewing the session recording:

  1. Enter the password shared via email and press "Playback". This opens the recording in a new tab of your web browser.
  2. Turn up your computer speaker volume.
  3. Press the Play arrow to play the video (lower left).(NOTE: although the default message is that “There is no content to view”, you just need to press the Play arrow to start the recording playback.)
  4. Once the recording starts to play, make sure you open the chat box - click the tiny bubble icon in the middle right. This will allow you to see dialogue and resources posted in the chat box during our webinar.
  5. After you watch the video, submit a Self Study Form to get credit for this webinar. The form is #2 on our Study Hall web page: https://www.partnership-academy.net/managingbynetwork/mbn-study-hall/

Course materials listed with this arrow icon are recommended for self-study when you miss a webinar.

MBN 2020 Course Materials Archive

  • Session 03: Find the Common Threads - Feb 5 & 6 Session 03: Find the Common Threads - Feb 5 & 6

    Presentations: Community Collaboration Toolbox Acts of Persuasion   Additional Video Resources:  Stakeholder Analysis (5 mins) and Decision Making Space (4 mins), video with Joy Lujan Collaborative Conservation - IAP2 Spectrum of Community Engagement, (11 mins), video...

  • Session 02: Belay On - January 29 & 30 Session 02: Belay On - January 29 & 30

    Presentations: Alpha Group: Steve Guertin, Deputy Director for Policy, USFWS and Richard Minnis, PhD, Chief, Branch of Applied Landscape Conservation Policy, National Conservation Training Center, USFWS USFWS Partnership Overview.pdf  USFWS NCTC Division of Training...

  • Session 01: Charting our Course - January 22 & 23 Session 01: Charting our Course - January 22 & 23

    Presentations Rules of Engagement (PDF) Managing by Network Course Overview 2020 (PDF) The Power of Active Listening (PDF)   Optional Activities and Resources to Explore Review the Class Roster. Identify at least two people in the course who you...

  • Session 00: Tech Test and Virtual Tour Session 00: Tech Test and Virtual Tour

    Presentations:  How to Join a Webex Webinar (PDF) Virtual Tour of the Academy Classroom (PDF) Hosts:  Anne Desmarais Jane Hanson

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Telework tools:

Managing by Network - Office Hours discussion 3/26

Microsoft Quick Start Guides

Agency guidance:

If you would like to receive course announcements via an alternate email address because of limited access to work email, contact us with updates. 

Managing by Network 2020 FAQ

  • Coronavirus Impact: Academy Plans for 2020 Course Completion

    Thank you for responding to our survey about the impact of the Coronavirus on your work. Based on your responses, we will continue to offer webinars as planned, maintaining our current schedule and certificate requirement of 10 live webinars. 

    Recognizing that some people anticipate more disruption, and to support everyone's continued participation, we will:

    • Record one session group each week. Participants in that group will be notified of the recording. Session recordings will be password protected and available to course participants for self-study. Recordings will be posted with other session materials - scroll down to view instructions and past session archives on this page.
    • Closely monitor attendance. Should a participant not meet the completion requirements, we will address each individual's circumstance on a case by case basis, with input from their federal agency lead.

    We remain committed to our Academy participants, and will look for ways to minimize disruption and maximize learning, as this emergency continues.

  • Getting Ready for 2020

    • Submit your photo using the confirmation form, or send it to academy.course@gmail.com by January 10, 2020.
    • Complete the Individual Training Needs Assessment by January 24, 2020.
    • Check the Course Roster to verify your group assignment.
    • Block off the Tech Test and all 17 webinar dates on your calendar. 
    • Webinar links will be sent via email. Add info@partnership-academy.net to your list of trusted recipients. 
    • Use the form on the right of this page to let us know of changes to your job title, contact info, or supervisor. 
  • Tips for the Academy Classroom

    • Our live webinars rely on your active participation! If you need to, reserve a conference room during webinar times so you can join in.
    • Please note that we do not record Academy sessions in order to encourage everyone to speak freely about their work in partnership, without concern about their comments being taken out of context.
  • Webinar Rules of Engagement

    • Webinars start on the hour.
    • Log in 5-10 minutes early to troubleshoot any technical difficulties.
    • Sign in with your first and last name, followed by your agency (ex: Jane Smith, BLM).
    • Call into the conference line, we do not use Webex for sound.
    • If you need to take a call, hang up and call back in when you are done; do not put our call on hold.
  • Webinar Groups: Days and Times

    Want to know which group you are assigned to? 

    Check the Course Roster

    Each of the 17 sessions is offered as a live webinar, in seminar sized groups, at four different times.


    • ALPHA cohort: 11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 9AM Mountain, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska, 6AM Hawaii, 5AM Samoa
    • BETA cohort: 2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 10AM Alaska, 9AM Hawaii, 8AM Samoa


    • GAMMA cohort: 11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 9AM Mountain, 8AM Pacific, 7AM Alaska, 6AM Hawaii, 5AM Samoa
    • DELTA cohort: 2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, 12PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 10AM Alaska, 9AM Hawaii, 8AM Samoa

    While participants are assigned to a cohort day and time for class size and planning purposes, we expect schedule conflicts.

    Participants may attend any one of the four webinars in any given week, as best suits their schedule.

    Because the Academy observes Daylight Saving Time, class times will change accordingly in March.


  • What if I can't attend a session?

    While participants are assigned to a group day and time for class size and planning purposes, we expect schedule conflicts.

    You may attend any one of the four group webinars in any given week, as best suits your schedule.

    If you know you will miss a session, please email us. Here are some ways you can catch up:

    • Review session materials posted on the Course Notebook; you can receive credit for self-study work.
    • Invite a colleague to sit in for you and debrief later.
    • Follow up with a peer in the class or with the instructors if you have questions or would like to discuss what we covered in class.
  • Use of Individual Photos

    When you attend a meeting in person, people will naturally see your face. Our virtual classroom is no different. 

    • Photos facilitate conversations between students and instructors and help everyone get to know you. 
    • We will ask you to send us a photo before the first session of any course so that we can compile a roster of the whole class.
    • Photos will not be used for any other purpose without your written permission. 
    • If you would prefer to opt out of the photo request, please send us an alternate image to use in the classroom.


  • How to Join a Webinar

    The Academy hosts webinars using a phone conference line and Webex.

    Check your email for the weekly session reminder with the Webinar Links webpage and password. Contact us at academy.course@gmail.com if you need help finding it.

    New to Webex?

    • Follow these quick instructions to join Managing by Network the first time.
    • For more detailed instructions, download How to Join a Webinar (PDF).

    1. Join the phone line:

    • Conference Line: 866-836-7935
    • Conference Passcode: provided in the email announcement

    2. Join the Webinar: 

    • Webinar Link: this is unique for each Session and Group - posted on a private page at the website.
    • Webinar Password: provided in your email


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