MBN 2019 Course Notebook

The Course Notebook is designed to provide support as you apply knowledge and skills gained in class.

Coming Up: 

Session 5: Cast a Wide Net - March 20 or 21

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST and 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST

The classroom will be open 20 minutes before the start of class. Managing by Network will begin promptly at the top of the hour.

Instructors: Liz Madison, Peter Williams, PhD, Kevin Connally, Regional HCP Coordinator, Region 5 Office, USFWS; and video instructor Karen Simms, Assistant Field Manager, Gila District, Tucson Field Office

Pre-Webinar Assignments:

  • WATCH Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan, 14 mins and consider these questions for discussion in the webinar:

    1. What strikes you as you listen to the stakeholders describe the Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Program?

    2. How would you describe their language?

    3. What feeling do they convey about the process and the results?
  • READ What’s the FACA? Blog


Optional Resources to Explore

On the Horizon:

Session 6: Reflect on the Journey - March 27 or 28

Instructors: Anne Desmarais, Liz Madison, and Managing by Network Alumni

  • Launching the 2019 Case Study Program

  • Peer to Peer Presentations: Alumni Case Studies

    • Alpha Group: Jeremiah Martinez, Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist, Recreation, Rio Grande National Forest, Conejos Peak Ranger District, USDA Forest Service, CO, Class of 2012

    • Beta Group: Leslie Wolff, Hydrologist, California Coastal Office, NOAA, CA, Class of 2016

    • Gamma Group: Brooke Burrows, Wildlife Refuge Specialist, Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Wetland Management District, USFWS, MN, Class of 2018

    • Delta Group: Debra-Ann Brabazon, Forest Fire Prevention Education Officer/Fire Information, Huron-Manistee National Forest, MN, USDA, Forest Service, Class of 2018

  • Partnership Check-Up: Assessing Partnership Health and Effectiveness

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MBN 2019 Course Notebook

  • Session 04: See the Possibilities - March 13 or 14 Session 04: See the Possibilities - March 13 or 14

    Presentations and Resources Think Like a Social Scientist.pdf Urban Myths and the Paperwork Reduction Act, Blog and FAQ PRA overview_2019.pdf  Succession Planning for Partnerships, Blog Succession Planning_overview_2019.pdf    Optional Homework: Human Dimensions EXPLORE:...

  • Session 03: Find the Common Threads – March 6 or 7 Session 03: Find the Common Threads – March 6 or 7

    Presentations: Partnership Leverage Scenarios.pdf  Leveraging Partnerships Discussion MBN.pdf  Assess Your Partner Cultural Awareness.pdf  Active Listening Practices.pdf   Video Presentations: Partner Cultural Awareness with Liz Madison, 9 mins...

  • Session 02: Belay On - February 27 or 28 Session 02: Belay On - February 27 or 28

    Presentations: 21 Partnership Success Factors Brian ONeill.pdf   Take a Hike: Reflections on the 21 Partnership Success Factors.pdf Building Savvy and Resilience in your Partnership Network_MbN2019.pdf    Video Assignments: Political Savvy with Liz Madison, 9...

  • Session 01: Orientation, February 21 and 22 Session 01: Orientation, February 21 and 22

    Presentations: Rules of Engagement.pdf  Virtual Campus Tour.pdf Managing by Network Course Overview.pdf  Principles and Practices of Collaborative Leadership.pdf    Video Assignments: Three Elements of Collaborative Leadership with, Liz Madison, 4 mins (podcast...

  • Session 00: Tech Test (Optional), February 13 and 14 Session 00: Tech Test (Optional), February 13 and 14

    Presentations Joining a Webinar (PDF) Navigating the WebEx Classroom (PDF) Hosts: Anne Desmarais Liz Madison

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