Managing Curriculum-Based Education Programs

Course Description

The Managing Curriculum-based Education training event, a virtual broadcast, from Mather Training Center, focuses on how to build a dynamic team, cultivate partnerships, develop a strategic plan for your education programs, and much more to help your park use its’ natural and cultural resources to create meaningful  experiences for our next generation of  stewards.

Course Agenda
  • Build a Dynamic Education Team
  • Develop Strategic Education Plan with Team
  • Create an Effective Work Environment
  • Cultivate Resilient and Productive Education Partnerships
  • Institute a Culture of Learning Based on Assessment and Evaluation
  • Cultural Competency
  • Strongly Advocate for and Support Education Programs

2016 Partnership and Community Collaboration Presentation: Cultivate Resilient and Productive Education Partnerships 


  • Regina Phillips, Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
  • Liz Madison, Director Partnership & Community Collaboration Academy




For more insights on these topics, view the Academy's instructional videos:


Allyson Gantt, Everglades National Park

Regina Phillips, Mather Training Center

Kimble Talley, Mather Training Center

ChyNa Nellon, Mather Training Center

Guest Instructors:

Kevin Bowles Mohr, Washita Battlefield National Historic Site

Catherine Bragraw, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Tony Dufficy, Gettysburg National Military Park

Liz Madison, Director Partnership & Community Collaboration Academy

Jesse Orth, Washington County Public Schools

Bob Powell, Clemson University

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