Apply for Collaborative Conservation: 

Partnerships in Practice (CLM 8124)


  • Applications accepted June 8-July 8. Participants will be notified of their status by July 15, 2022.

  • Maximum Class Size: 20 participants. Selection for C2P2 is competitive.

  • Prerequisites: It is recommended (but not mandatory) that participants complete the Partnerships and Community Collaboration: Managing by Network course (CLM8123) before attending this class.

  • Supervisor Approval: If you require supervisor approval for participate in training, you are asked to indicate your supervisor approval status on the application form. If selected for the course, we will share the selection announcement with you and your supervisor.

  • Tuition: Tuition for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, and USGS participants is prepaid. Tuition for all other participants is $796.

  • Contact: Jane Hanson, Registrar, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy,

C2P2 is offered in partnership with the 

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Conservation Training Center

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