Nancy Patterson

Nancy Patterson serves as the director of the Bureau of Land Management’s Campbell Creek Science Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Campbell Creek Science Center engages all learners in outdoor experiences that increase appreciation, connection, and stewardship of Alaska’s public lands and natural resources. The Science Center provides statewide environmental education support for BLM Alaska, which means Nancy and staff get to work with learners and partners across the state’s socio-geographic areas. Nancy has led the effort to expand statewide support using diverse methods in relationship building, strategic planning, social emotional learning, and organizational change management.

Nancy is a continual learner. She holds a Master of Science in Conservation Social Sciences and Bachelors of Arts in International Resources and Development, Spanish, and Latin American Studies from the University of Idaho. Her research focused on how communication influences perceptions and visitor experiences of Tikal National Park, Guatemala. Nancy is also a graduate of BLM’s Emerging Leaders program, the Foraker Certificate of Nonprofit Management, and the Managing by Network partnership training. From her perspective, the lessons learned in Managing by Network help staff at all levels of BLM solidify and strengthen their core competencies in leadership, community engagement, facilitation, and public lands management.

Nancy began her federal career as a National Park Service interpretive ranger in Yellowstone National Park. She moved to BLM in 2012, where she especially enjoys connecting people to public lands from backyard to backcountry. Prior to moving to Alaska, Nancy worked in public affairs for BLM's Rocky Mountain Region for Greater sage-grouse conservation. She also has experience in travel management, outdoor recreation, social science, natural resource management, partnerships, and administration.

Nancy grew up in Iowa and has lived throughout the intermountain western United States, Ecuador, and Guatemala. She is curious about the world and finds joy in connecting people and resources together. Nancy and her husband love the outdoors where they spend time running, biking, skiing, fishing and hunting, and getting to know people and places throughout the world.

Nancy Patterson

Director, Campbell Creek Science Center
Bureau of Land Management

Managing by Network Class of 2015

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