Community of Practice

This peer-learning network includes Managing by Network founders, contributors, instructors, and guest speakers from the past decade. They hail from BLM, USACE, USDA FS, USFWS, NPS, nonprofits, foundations, academic institutions, and the private sector.

Helen Aarons, BLM, Retired


 Helene Aarons , National Partnership Coordinator, BLM, Retired; President, Aarons Consulting, Managing by Network Co-Founder


Matthew Birnbaum, Consultant


Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Evaluation Planning and Policy Consultant


 Christine Brown-Nunez, USFWS


Christine Browne-Nunez, Team Lead, Human Dimensions Branch, National Wildlife Refuge System, USFWS


Hal Cardwell, USACE


Hal Cardwell, Ph.D, Director, Collaboration & Public Participation Center for Excellence, USACE (guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2019)


 Jacqueline Emanuel, USDA FS


Jacqueline Emanuel, Director, National Partnership Office, USDA FS (guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2018)


Laura Harvey, NPS


Laura Harvey, Education Specialist, National Capital Region, NPS


Gerald McCarthy, Consultant


Gerald McCarthy, Principal, McCarthy, LLC


Diane Nelson, BLM, Retired


Diane Nelson, Training Coordinator, National Training Office, BLM, Retired, Managing by Network Co-Founder


Paul Souza, USFWS


Paul Souza, Assistant Director, Science Applications, USFWS (Guest Speaker, Managing by Network 2016)


Will Stelle, NOAA Fisheries


William Stelle, Regional Administrator, West Coast Region, NOAA Fisheries (Guest speaker, Managing by Network, 2016)


Mary Wagner, USDA FS, Retired


Mary Wagner, Associate Chief, USDA FS, Retired (Guest Speaker, Managing by Network 2015, 2016)

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