Federal, State, County and Nonprofit Alumni

Managing by Network is an interagency course designed for Federal Employees involved in the emerging professional field of partnership and community collaboration. Partnership management and stakeholder engagement have changed since the course was launched in 2008. 

Now, participants from state, county, nonprofit, and independent organizations - as well as smaller federal agencies - often take an active role in public land, conservation, and recreational issues. Peer learning is enriched with participants who represent agencies and organizations that often work in partnership with the BLM, NPS, USFWS, USFS, USACE, and other federal agencies.


  • Sarah Lyke, Assistant Program Director, AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), Corporation for National and Community Service, CO (2020)


Bat Conservation International



Bat Conservation International

  • Mylea Bayless, Senior Director, Network and Partnerships, Bat Conservation International, TX (2018)

Bat Conservation International



Cradle of Forestry

  • Jessica Nickelsen, Director of Education for the Natural Inquirer program, Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association, GA (2019)

Bat Conservation International




Delores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative

  • Danny Margoles, Coordinator, Delores Watershed Resilient Forest Collaborative, CO (2020)

Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association

  • Amy Sturgill, Bi-State Sage-Grouse Coordinator, Bi-State Area (CA/NV), Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association, CA (2020)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission



Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

  • Sarah Barrett, Biological Scientist IV, FL (2018)

  • Linda King, Biological Administrator, FL (2017)

  • Melissa Miller, Interagency Python Management Coordinator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, FL (2019)

  • Brie Ochoa, Species Conservation Planning Biologist III, Imperiled Species Management, FL (2018)

  • Michelle Pasawicz, Fisheries and Wildlife Biological Scientist/Manatee Rules Coordinator, Imperiled Species Management Section, FL (2018)

  • Andrea Wylie, Risk Assessment and Rules Coordinator, Wildlife Impact Management Section, Division of Habitat and Species Conservation, FL (2018) 

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy



Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

  • Sharon Farrell, Vice President, Stewardship and Conservation, Cooperating Association - National Park Service, CA (2018) 

Greening Youth Foundation

  • Sherry Salcido, Sub Regional Volunteer and Service Specialist, Greening Youth Foundation, FL (2020)



Independent Consultant

  • Peter Bugoni, Billings, MT (2016)

Marin County Parks



Marin County Parks

  • Kevin Wright, Strategic Partnerships, Government and External Affairs, County of Marin, CA (2018) 

Montana Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

  • Stacey  Barta, Rangeland Resources Program Coordinator, Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, State of Montana, MT (2020)



Partners in Conservation

  • Elise McAllister, Administrator; Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council, BLM Southern Nevada District Office, Las Vegas Field Office, NV (2012)

Resource Concepts, Inc.

  • Katlyn Uhart, Student/Resource Technician, ROGER & NVCCN Coordinator, Resource Concepts Inc., NV (2020)




Santa Clara County Parks

  • Julie Abbatelli, Parks Program Manager, Martial Cottle Park, CA (2020)

  • Melissa Hippard, Strategic Partnership Manager, CA (2017)

  • Julie Lee, Volunteer Program Manager, CA (2020)



Ventura County

  • Barbara Geringer, Pre-Fire Planner, Ventura County Fire Department Wildland Division, CA (2014)


Ventura County

Barbara Geringer, Pre-Fire Planner, Ventura County Fire Department Wildland Division, CA (2014)


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