Session 08: Calm the Waters, April 22 and 23

Session 08: Calm the Waters, April 22 and 23



Peer to Peer Case Studies



Video Assignments:

 A Facilitator's Best Practices with Anne Desmarais, 18 mins


Additional Resources: Want to dig deeper from the webinar presentation and discussion or missed the webinar? 

CORE PLUS: Building a Higher Performance Model Workplace with Susan Goodwin, 16 mins 

Strengthen Your Conflict Management Skills with Susan Goodwin, 25 mins

Instructors: Anne Desmarais, Liz Madison

Guest Instructor: Susan Goodwin, Collaboration and Conflict Management Specialist, DOI Office of Collaborative Resolution and Conflict Management, CADR

Susan Goodwin


Collaboration and Conflict Management Specialist

DOI, Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution


Guest Instructor

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