Session 18: Commencement and Gathering In, September 16 and 17



Peer to Peer Case Study Presentations:

ALPHA: Barbara McGuinness, USFS, Forester and Environmental Literacy Coordinator, Northern Research Station, Irvine, PA, MbN Class of 2014. "Oak SILVAH Partnership: Creating a Community of Practice to Sustain Forests."

BETA: Annette Heckart, USFS, Regional Interpretation & Conservation Education Program Manager, Anchorage, AK, MbN Class of 2015. "Re-imagining the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center."

GAMMA: Nicole Adimey, USFWS, Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Coastal and Gulf Restoration Program, Jacksonville, FL, MbN Class of 2015. "Partnering: Lessons Learned Along the Way."

DELTA: Aron Flanders, USFWS, Fish and Wildlife Biologist / Private Lands Biologist, Stafford, KS, MbN Class of 2015. "Community Based Partnerships."

Instructors: Liz Madison, Anne Desmarais

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