Session 16: Looking OUT, August 19 and 20



Video Assignments: 

Peer to Peer Case Study Presentations: 

ALPHA: Hollie Lynch, Education Program Coordinator, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, NPS, MD. "
Canal Classrooms: Finding a Pathway to the Classroom Through Partnership." MbN 2015

BETA: Miles Meyer, Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist, South Florida Ecological Services Office, USFWS, FL. "
Partnerships - They're Not All the Same: Developing Partnerships that Meet Specific Purposes." MbN 2015

GAMMA: Kristin Shaw, EPIC Urban Conservation TAG Coordinator, Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers LCC, USFWS, IN. "
Large Landscape and Urban Conservation Initiatives: Ecological Places In Cities (EPIC)." MbN 2015

DELTA: Megan Eno, Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) Partnership Coordinator, National Forests in Florida, FL. "
The Partnership Life Cycle: The Florida National Scenic Trail Example." MbN 2014

Instructors: Liz Madison and Anne Desmarais


Guest InstructorGerald McCarthy


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