Session 10: See the Horizon, May 20 and 21



Dive Deeper:

Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation with Matt Birnbaum, Introdu ction, 11 mins and The Interplay, 15 mins

These videos capture Matt's insights and will be posted with graphics to the Academy's website this summer.

Instructors: Liz Madison and Anne Desmarais 

Guest Instructor: Matt Birnbaum, Ph.D.


Mary Wagner

Associate Chief 

U.S. Forest Service

USFS Working in Partnership with Mary Wagner


Guest Speaker

Managing by Network

Trevor Needham

National Partnerships 

Program Lead

Division of Education, Interpretation and Partnerships BLM

BLM Partnerships: Building Support for Public Lands


Guest Speaker

Managing by Network

 Matt Birnbaum, Ph.D. 

Evaluation Planning

Policy Consultant-in-Residence


Guest Instructor

Managing by Network

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