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Office Hours: Thursday, May 11, 2-3 PM ET

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Homework: MBN Study Hall 2017

  • Study Hall 1, week of February 12

    A. 21 Partnership Success Factors – Bridge the Gap and Apply the Practices

    Take a Hike with 21 Partnership Success Factors and complete a gap assessment to determine how you measure up. Learn how these practices fit into these hiking mantras: Get to Know the Terrain, Equip Yourself, Stay with the Group. Assess your strengths and growing edge related to each theme.

    READ: 21 Partnership Success Factors _ Gap Assessment PDF with notes – Review the 21 Success Factors and Gap Assessment Exercise.

    EXERCISE: 21 Partnership Success Factors _ Gap Assessment Exercise – Download and complete the 3 worksheets.

    DOWNLOAD: 21 Partnership Success Factors by Brian O’Neill PDF – Download for your reference library.

    B. Surf the HD.gov web site 


    EXPLORE: resources, broadcast, tools, methods, blogs.

    FEED YOUR MIND: This exercise goes well with a brown bag lunch or afternoon snack.

    SHARE: one link to useful information with a colleague or course participant.

    C.  Accountability and Collaborative Leadership – What Would You Do?

    READ "  Accountability and Collaborative Leadership  "

    WRITE the end of the story as a short essay.

    SHARE bullet points of how you would end the story and takeaways from the assignment in the homework survey.

    When you’re finished with the homework, please complete a quick survey to share your take away. 

  • Study Hall 2, week of March 12

    A. Partnership Assessment

    1. REVIEW: 1 or 2 of the following Partnership Assessment tools.

    2. COMPLETE: one of the assessment tools for one of the partnerships you work on.
    3. REFLECT: on what you learn about the assessment tool, and about the current health of the partnership:
    • What is going well? 
    • What are some areas for improvement? 
    • Did you uncover gaps in the assessment tool, or in your partnership's practices?
    • How and when might you use this kind of asssessment tool with your partners?

    B. Strengthen Active Listening Skills

    Review these practices and complete the self-assessment to determine your strengths and growing edge. Apply ADORES in three settings to refine your active listening skills. Capture how your use of these skills strengthens your communication with colleagues, friends or family members.

    1. READ:  Active Listening Overview.pdf – Review the practices of active listening and familiarize yourself with the ADORES mnemonic.

    2. EXERCISE:  Active Listening Self Assessment.pptx – Download and complete this self-assessment and instructions for field testing your practices.

    3. APPLY: Field test your active listening practices. 


    C. What Would You Do? Stakeholder Communication

    2. WRITE: The outline of a communication plan for one stakeholder/potential partner
    3. SHARE: Your summary communication plan points in the homework survey


    When you’re finished with the homework, please complete a quick survey to share your take away. 

  • Study Hall 3, week of April 9


    A. Stakeholder Analysis

    1. REVIEW: Collaboration: Stakeholder Analysis, 5 mins and Decision Space 4 mins. with Joy Lujan

    2. COMPLETE: Stakeholder Snapshot.docx – Related to your current work with partners and/or stakeholders, download and complete this exercise.

    3. SHARE: Your Stakeholder Snapshot with an agency colleague and discuss how at least one partner/stakeholder frames the decision-making space of this partnership and/or community collaboration.


    B. Conflict Management Practices

      1. REVIEW:  Getting to the Core of Conflict and Communications Participant Workbook 2017.pdf 

    2. EXERCISE:  Download and complete two self-assessment exercises 

    3. APPLY: Identify an opportunity to apply the conflict management practices highlighted in the exercises you selected. Then intentionally apply these practices in your professional and/or personal communication. You goal is to develop the intellectual muscle memory to use these practices, so that they will be readily available to you. 


    C. Facilitation Tools

    1. REVIEW:  Creative Facilitation Tools.pdf

    2. EXERCISE: Select one of these methods to use at an upcoming meeting and prepare for the meeting to introduce this tool.

    • Why did you select this tool?
    • Do you need to coordinate with the group or the meeting coordinator in advance?
    • Do you need support materials to use this tool?
    • What objectives(s) for the group will this tool support?
    • How might using this tool change the attitudes and behaviors of meeting participants?

    3. APPLY: Test this facilitation tool at the meeting and then reflect on what went well (WWW) and what would you do differently (WWDD).


    D. Facilitation Practices: Competency Self-Assessment

    Complete one of the two faclitiation core competency self-assessments below. The IAF competencies are more focused on concrete meeting and group management practices, while the National College framework (shared in class) focuses on facilitator behaviors that demonstrate social-emotional intelligence.

    1. Facilitator Core Competencies Self-Assessment  (based on IAF)

    2. Facilitation Competency Framework Self-Assessment (based on National College, UK)


    When you’re finished with the homework, please complete a quick survey to share your take away.

  • Study Hall 4, week of May 7

    Assignments will be posted by May 7.

  • Study Hall 5, week of June 4

    Assignments will be posted by June 4.


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