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Study Hall work is optional and designed to help you apply what you learn. Choose from any of the following activities:

1. Office hours: chat with an instructor and other classmates, 2-3pm ET Thursdays. Check your email for the webinar link. 

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2. Homework: self-assessments and workbook exercises. Assignments listed below.

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4. Self-study: catch up on what you missed or dive deeper on previous session materials at the Course Notebook

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5. Do nothing. Study hall work is optional.


Office Hours: Thursday, March 16, 2-3 PM ET

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Homework: MBN Study Hall 2017

  • Study Hall 1, week of February 12

    A. 21 Partnership Success Factors – Bridge the Gap and Apply the Practices

    Take a Hike with 21 Partnership Success Factors and complete a gap assessment to determine how you measure up. Learn how these practices fit into these hiking mantras: Get to Know the Terrain, Equip Yourself, Stay with the Group. Assess your strengths and growing edge related to each theme.

    READ: 21 Partnership Success Factors _ Gap Assessment PDF with notes – Review the 21 Success Factors and Gap Assessment Exercise.

    EXERCISE: 21 Partnership Success Factors _ Gap Assessment Exercise – Download and complete the 3 worksheets.

    DOWNLOAD: 21 Partnership Success Factors by Brian O’Neill PDF – Download for your reference library.

    B. Surf the HD.gov web site 


    EXPLORE: resources, broadcast, tools, methods, blogs.

    FEED YOUR MIND: This exercise goes well with a brown bag lunch or afternoon snack.

    SHARE: one link to useful information with a colleague or course participant.

    C.  Accountability and Collaborative Leadership – What Would You Do?

    READ "  Accountability and Collaborative Leadership  "

    WRITE the end of the story as a short essay.

    SHARE bullet points of how you would end the story and takeaways from the assignment in the homework survey.

    When you’re finished with the homework, please complete a quick survey to share your take away. 

  • Study Hall 2, week of March 12

    Assignments will be posted by March 12.

  • Study Hall 3, week of April 9

    Assignments will be posted by April 9.

  • Study Hall 4, week of May 7

    Assignments will be posted by May 7.

  • Study Hall 5, week of June 4

    Assignments will be posted by June 4.


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