• What if I have a schedule conflict on one of the webinar dates?

    Course participant can review webinar materials including assigned video instruction and contact the instructors for follow-up. You may also invite a colleague to take your seat in the webinar and discuss the training materials when you are available.


  • Do I need to attend all 6 webinars or can I sign up for those that interest me most?

    When you apply for the course, you are signing up for all six webinars.

  • Do we receive DOI Learn credit for LCC ACT?

    USFWS participants who complete the course will receive 12 hours of training, recorded in DOI Learn by the USFWS Course Coordinator, Julie Study.


  • Is there homework?

    The course includes short instructional videos, 8 to 30 minutes, designed as pre-webinar assignments and one pamphlet, 21 Partnership Success Factors. Instructional videos and webinar presentations are designed to support your use of these practices and strategies and advance communication in the LCC network.

  • Will I receive a certificate for the training?

    Yes, the Academy will send training certificates. Participants must attend at least four webinars to receive a ceritifcate.  

LCC ACT Overview

LCC ACT Notebook




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