• Q: What if I have a schedule conflict on one of the webinar dates?

    A: Webinars will be recorded; participants will receive a password to access the recordings at DOI CADR. Instructional materials will be available on this website. We also encourage you to review the webinar materials, discuss the webinar with a fellow participant and contact the course instructors with questions.
  • Q: Is there homework?

    A: Yes, the course includes instructional videos to view as pre-webinar assignments and review of brief workbook exercises.

  • Q: Will I receive DOI Learn training credit?

    A: Yes, DOI participants who complete the course will receive 5 hours of training, recorded in DOI Learn by CADR.

  • Q: Will this meet my annual requirement as a supervisor for 4 hours of diversity training?

    A: Yes, your certificate will show that you have met your annual diversity training requirement. 

  • Q: Will I receive a certificate for the training?

    A: Yes, CADR will send you a certificate reflecting approved hours for completion of this course. Participants must attend all of the sessions or view the recorded webinars to receive a certificate.

GTC3 Overview

GTC3 Overview

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GTC3 Notebook



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