Peter Williams

Dr. Peter B. Williams is an independent management consultant, educator, and speaker who provides expertise in designing and growing collaborative capacity within organizations, managing landscapes collaboratively, administering and evaluating programs, and training and coaching individuals and teams at all organizational levels who want to work together to make a difference on issues that matter. 

Peter shares his experience working across communities and cultures, engaging the right people at the right time on the right matters, often on contentious land management issues where policies and interests can conflict and a path forward requires understanding a problem from different perspectives. His understanding comes from more than three decades in this challenging field. His work and talks are highly praised and well received by undergraduate and graduate students, adult learners, community members, and professionals inside and outside of government.

Peter previously served as Director of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution. Prior to accepting the Directorship, Peter served as Collaborative Planning and Multiparty Monitoring Specialist for the US Forest Service’s Ecosystem Management Staff. He worked throughout the country to help design collaborative planning efforts, develop agency policy, and to bridge theory and practice. Among other projects, he co‐led efforts to design a strategy for growing the agency’s collaborative capacity and to establish a National Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment Strategy. He also worked on Large Landscape Collaboration efforts, applying ideas associated with communities of practice, organizational learning, and broader use of electronic tools to support collaborative environmental stewardship and environmental management. 

Previously, Peter served as Forest Supervisor for the Wayne National Forest in Ohio, as Natural Resource Staff Officer for the Colville National Forest in Washington State, and as a Research Social Scientist, among other positions. He is a Senior Fellow with the Partnership for Public Service and a Visiting Fellow with the University of Montana. He holds a BA from Kenyon College, an MS from Virginia Tech, and a PhD from Utah State University. Additional training as a Professional Coach, program and project manager, and in facilitation and mediation help round out his background. Peter lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife Kathy.  


Peter Williams, PhD

Associate Director
Collaboration Specialist
Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy


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