What can we do for you?

 What can we do for you? We are a community of partners hip-minded people working throughout and across federal agencies to explore practices, build skills, and learn from peers.



Who's in your network? 


Who's in your peer-learning network - link to videoA peer-learning network is essential for anyone working in partnerships today. 

Find out where to look for a network that will challenge your thinking, expand your vision, and help you apply new skills.



Would YOU say I do?

An arranged marriage, Mary Reece

Mary Reece, Program Development Manager of the US Bureau of Reclamation puts a face on partnerships with her 2017 case study. The “arranged marriage” between the Department of the Interior and the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission demonstrates the power of staying engaged, through conflict and court cases, and renewing our commitment to "work it out" for the benefit of America's people and our public lands.


Academy Spotlight

Peter Williams

This summer, Peter Williams, Ph.D. joined the Academy team as Associate Director. A 2013 honors graduate of Managing by Network, Peter returns to our flagship course as an instructor for 2018. He brings his executive, line officer, and training experiences as Director of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and U.S. Forest Service to our instructional and consulting team.

Peter shares his extensive experience working across communities and cultures, and engaging the right people at the right time on the right matters. As the newest member of the Academy, Peter is helping build our capacity to deliver new services, including meeting facilitation, training, and curriculum development for in-person meetings, workshops, conferences, and webinars.


We support a partnership training network.

We support a partnership training network.


 Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy 

Learn more about the competencies featured in Managing by Network

The 22 Competencies

Managing by Network is cohosted by:

  • Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy
  • BLM National Training Center and Division of Education, Interpretation and Partnerships
  • USFS National Partnership Office
  • USFWS National Conservation Training Center
  • DOI Office of Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution

The Academy's Spotlight Series webinars features federal programs and initiatives that highlight innovative ideas and partnerships.


Upcoming Training 

from Our Partners

Negotiation Skills for Conservation Professionals: Building a Foundation, USFWS NCTC

  • Shepherdstown, WV,  October 31 - November 2, 2017

Fou ndations in Public Participation, USFWS NCTC

  • Shepherdstown, WV,  November 13 - 17, 2017

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